Roll bar pads in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Standard black roll bar pads.

Roll bar pads test conducted by CI-Dynamics.

Roll bar pads with Logo and SFI 45.1 license rating.

Roll bar pads with Logo and SFI 45.1 license rating.


USI has produced over 250,000 roll bar pads in the past 15 years. We have made these in various sizes, shapes, Densities (hardness) and colors.

The roll bar padding we produce today is not hard like a rock. It is firm but with a cushion feel!

Our testing has provided proof that the padding can be soft AND absorb high "G" forces, accomplished only with our formulated Urethane compounds.

Ci-Dynamics: The independent, un-biased research that Collision and Injury Dynamics performs has proven to be valuable in our product design.

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In Australia go to our Distributor, Motorsports Connections for USI Padding


  • Best impact absorbing padding made (from public records)
  • Softer feel than other pads available
  • Shaped for better visibility
  • Radius lip on bottom surface
  • SFI 45.1 licensed approved
  • All pads made in USA
  • Available with PSA tape or Velcro or just the pad you can spray 3M 77 adhesive for self install
  • Standard colors Black, Red, Blue and custom colors available @ additional cost (Materials and Labor)


  • Highest Safety rated padding available
  • Easy to cut and form into curves
  • Affordable pricing for all race Divisions
  • Manufactured from High Quality Urethane FOAM
  • Smooth surface finish